Do you rent a property out?

Property Rentals and Tax


If you have an income generated from renting out your property, you will probably be required to file a self assessment tax return!

Holiday Homes


If your are renting out a holiday home and are receiving income you may be required to submit a self assessment tax return to HMRC. Please contact us for further details!



Airbnb is increasing in popularity. It is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to rent out to holiday makers. Contact us for further information regarding tax issues surrounding Airbnb. We are up to date on all allowances available.

Rent a room relief


HMRC have introduced rent a room relief. This effectively allows an individual to lodge at the same property without incurring any tax liability for the first £7,500 subject to certain conditions.

Capital Gains Tax


Selling your second property that is not your main residence. It is highly likely that this will attract a Capital Gains Tax. Contact us for further advice and a free no obligation appointment!

Self Assessment Tax Returns for Landlords


Please feel free to contact us to arrange a free appointment with our Accountant in Cardiff. Fully up to date with all tax legislation and allowances whatever your individual circumstances!

Self Assessment Tax Returns in Cardiff